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With our own in house canvas machinists and Upholsterers we can create anything you need for your caravan, RV, motor home or anything else you need.

Custom Canvas Work

As we have our own canvas workshop we can provide a custom bespoke canvas service.  Although most of our canvas work is caravan related we would be more than happy to help with any projects.

Custom Upholstery Work

If your caravan is looking dated and time to refresh the insides then re-upholstery the interior will make a huge difference.  We can re-upholstery internal soft furnishing as well as build new ones all custom made for your caravan.

Caravan Awnings

At Ken Peachey Caravan Repairs we know that one size doesn’t fit all.  This is why we can design and make the perfect fitting awning for your caravan.  Our in house team will build your new awning to your specifications and we can also provide expert fitting.

The possibilities are endless when you get Ken Peachey to design your new caravan Awning

Caravan Awnings

A caravan Awning is a great investment and will be a welcome addition to your travels.

Awnings provide not only shelter from the weather but extra living areas to help extend your caravan.  We can build a compact custom awning that’s easy to operate and wont add extra weight to your caravan.

Get back on the road with Ken Peachey Carvan Repairs

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