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We all love our caravans but over time our families grow and our caravaning needs change and more often than not the budget doesn’t stretch enough for a brand new caravan.  Ken Peachey can offer a broad spectrum of caravan upgrades ranging from complete custom upgrades through to electrics, interior changes suspension and brakes.

Electronic Stability Control

Our state of the art ESP system will increase your driving comfort and help to reduce stress on your car caused my swaying and moving.

Caravan Security

Is your caravan secured?  Don’t worry many aren’t’ but we can help install a brilliant security system to secure your caravan.

Electronic Brakes

With Leading Brands such as Redarc we can upgrade your caravan’s breaking and increase its safety

Breakaway Systems

Caravan breakaway systems are designed to bring a trailer to a safe stop by activating the electric brakes on the trailer, should the trailer be disconnected from the tow vehicle while driving

Reversing Cameras

The modern reversing camera offer an almost panoramic rear view in crystal clear footage.

Dual Battery Systems

Don’t get stuck in the outback without enough power.  Dual batteries will give you the power you need an piece of mind.

Interior upgrades

If your caravan interior is starting to date Ken Peachey can refurbish your interior and make your caravan more welcoming than ever.

Solar Power

Take advantage of the suns free power by  Installing solar power for caravan to ensure that your free camping holidays are never cut short.

Electrical upgrades

We setup new or modify after market car wiring with a holistic approach as we understand the vans requirements and how the overall system should operate

Custom  Upgrades

Over the years we have also assisted our clients with a range of other upgrades including

Air conditioners
Satellite TV systems
Grey Water Systems
TV aerials
Stereo / media systems
Wall Mounted Picnic Tables
Roll Out Awnings
Coffee Machines

Get back on the road with Ken Peachey Carvan Repairs

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