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Over the last few years we have seen the popularity of 5th Wheelers grow and just like carvans Ken Peachey can manage all of your 5Th Wheeler repairs.

What is a 5th Wheeler

The key difference between fifth wheel caravans and regular caravans is that they couple with the towing vehicle over the tray of a towing ute at (or around) the rear axle. This gives the caravan additional space over the tray, plus a host of other benefits.

And where exactly is the fifth wheel? This is a reference to the circular coupling plate that is mounted aboard the towing vehicle. When coupled, the caravan’s coupling rotates on this wheel. (Alternatively, the coupling can be a ball.)


At Ken Peachey we understand the frustration and inconvenience a crash or damage to your caravan can be.  Over the last 50 years we have repaired hundreds of caravans from simple side panel replacements, through to new chassis and almost complete rebuilds.  We have one of the most experienced teams and there isn’t anything we can repair.  Our team of panel beaters, mechanics, fitters, upholsterers auto electricians and welders can work with any caravan manufacturer and perform all work to the highest standard.

Crash Repairs
Chassis Repairs
Panel Replacements
Damaged Suspension
Collapsed Shells
New Panel Replacments
Dents & Damage Repairs
Window Replacements
Weather Seals Repairs
Paint Repair
Internal Cabin Repairs
Upholstry Repairs
Flooring Repairs
Electrical Repair
Gas Repairs

Get back on the road with Ken Peachey Carvan Repairs

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